Allyson W. Carter formerly Stucker

Licensed Professional Counselor

Parent Coordination and Facilitation


My name is Allyson Carter, and I offer counseling, parent coordination and facilitation, and mediation in the Cypress, Texas, and surrounding Houston area.  I am a Texas Credentialed Mediator, Licensed Parent Coordinator and Facilitator, as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas. 

In addition to a masters in Counseling, I hold a masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, working as an Employee Relations Specialist in corporate then private practice since 1999. 

Separately, my 3 degrees and mediation certification allow me to act as a civil and family law mediator, and as a counseling psychotherapist.  Together, they build to allow me to also serve as a Parent Coordinator/Facilitator to help Texas families with co-parenting issues through my mediation practice, 3 degrees resources.  

I feel my calling is to work with individuals in times of transition and rebuilding.  Personally, I have faced divorce, a child with a health diagnosis, dementia in a parent, and a parent's death.  Support outside of a family can be a critical need to help one see their path more clearly. I enjoy working with children and adolescents facing changes in their lives and the angst of school years; couples and/or individuals contemplating "un-marriage"; couples rebuilding their lives, careers and families following a divorce; and support in navigating family member illness.