Allyson W. Carter formerly Stucker

Licensed Professional Counselor

Parent Coordination and Facilitation


Counseling, Psychotherapy, Talk Therapy;  these terms all define meeting with a therapist.  Many of us keep things bottled up and don't speak about our troubles or feelings. Others talk it out to friends and family members, those close to them, and feel they are wearing their friends and family out with their problems while still not finding solutions. 

​To explain why and how a therapeutic session might work, the following is a passage from "The Journey of the Heroic Parent".    In a therapy session, a clinician might listen, then would "…ask for more details, and afterward she would explain what she heard.  Hearing her observations about what I was currently experiencing and how she tied them to common themes, I would find the answer to my questions.  It is very difficult to find yourself until you are found by someone else first.”  (Reedy, 2015)

As a counselor, I truly believe talk therapy can help one learn to "know thyself".  Why not give it a try?  Make an appointment to come in and discuss what is on your mind.  Let us see, together, if we might help lead you to recognize a path that is right for you