Allyson W. Carter formerly Stucker

Licensed Professional Counselor

Parent Coordination and Facilitation

As a Licensed Parent Coordinator/Facilitator in the state of Texas, I am available to you and your family as you strive to create a healthy two parent, and/or two household reality for your children.  A Parent Coordinator/Facilitator may be appointed by the courts, or hired by an individual or couple to help through family challenges and change.  Create an appointment today for yourself, you and your spouse, or former spouse so that we might get both parents on the path to better co-parenting.

Parent Coordination, by definition, is a person hired or appointed by the court to assist parents in split families in resolving parenting issues through confidential procedures. 

The duties of a Parent Coordinator, or "PC", include: 

  • identifying disputed issues
  • reducing misunderstandings
  • clarifying priorities
  • exploring possibilities for problem solving
  • developing methods of collaboration in parenting
  • understanding parenting plans and reaching agreements about parenting issues to be included in a parenting plan
  • complying with the court’s order regarding conservatorship or possession of and access to the child
  • implementing parenting plans
  • obtaining training regarding problem solving, conflict management, and parenting skills, and
  • settling disputes regarding parenting issues and reaching a proposed joint resolution or statement of intent regarding those disputes.

In other words, the PC can work to facilitate agreement on disputed issues, but cannot permanently modify custody or possession orders.  The court maintains the right to  make decisions about conservatorship, child support, and possession of and access to the child.  The court also maintains the authority to exercise management and control over the suit.  (Texas Family Code sec. 153.606.)