Let's face it, no one ​wants​ to be divorced.  We might have arrived at that place now, but we didn't get married just to get unmarried.  Are you considering divorce?  Now that you are facing that possibility, what are your options? 

Mediation is a practical, cost effective, and civil way to end a marriage.  It allows both you and your spouse control over the change you are making to your lives.  With cooperative mediation there are no attorney fees; no pressure from an outsider regarding how to share your assets and children.  As a Licensed Parent Coordinator and Facilitator I can lead you through a parenting plan and asset division to meet your family's changing needs, without undo financial and emotional stress.  Consider scheduling a consultation today to learn about the four options for how to get unmarried in Texas through mediation. 

Allyson W. Carter formerly Stucker

Licensed Professional Counselor

Parent Coordination and Facilitation